Senior Business Development Manager – Marketing Week Live

Centaur Media
Central London and the Midlands.
13 Jun 2017
11 Jul 2017
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Full Time

Senior Business Development Manager – Marketing Week Live

Centaur Media is a main market listed company, primarily based in the UK with approximately 600 employees in offices in Central London and the Midlands. We are a multi-platform content and services business that provides businesses and individuals with knowledge, tools and opportunities to improve their performance. We show specific global communities how they can achieve excellence, measure and benchmark their performance and celebrate success. Centaur generates market intelligence and insight which enables them to plan and prepare for future trends.

Key Responsibilities / Duties

You are responsible for ensuring maximum coverage for the accounts/sectors designated to you, and maximising market share and revenue from these accounts through sponsorship and partnerships at the Festival of Marketing and Marketing Week Live, plus any additional campaigns you might work on for your clients across the portfolio.

Personal Sales Activity

  • You are expected to demonstrate sufficient effective output to cover your client base (arranging meetings, account managing, working to get new business etc.) – to equate to a pre-determined number of positive conversations each week/month/quarter as agreed with your direct line manager.
  • Suggested levels of output in order to achieve your targets are:  50+ weekly effective actions. An effective action is classified as a phone call with a client where business is discussed, a proposal, and a client meeting. This is an average of 10 per day as a minimum.
  • You are to attend industry events as and when relevant – these may be in the day or in the evening.  
  • Key to this role is making use of any opportunity to get in front of relevant decision makers – in order to do this, you will take advantage of all networking opportunities and will be proactive in seeking these opportunities.
  • Your aim is to secure as much of the clients spend as possible.  You will upsell / package sell / set up contracts to achieve this.
  • You are responsible for covering your key clients/sectors on your own and put a strategy in place to ensure effective coverage. You will identify all the major accounts, and know where, why and how they market themselves. You are expected to deliver a high standard of key account management at all times.
  • You will ensure 100% coverage of your clients every quarter, and you will find ways of seeing your clients and pitching both established and new ideas to them (when relevant).
  • You will know and be familiar with competitor events and have a feel from the industry about competitor developments / launches etc.  Having an understanding of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will influence the suggestions you have for new products / ways of making money from your sectors/client split/region.
  • You will quote relevant and up to date stats in all verbal and written communication with clients.
  • You will be expected to work closely with other members of the team to develop relevant cross selling opportunities for our brands.
  • You will always strive for new and innovative ways to gain money and share, and have a creative & problem solving approach to your work.
  • You will represent your brands at all times, and have strong product knowledge.  You will have sensible, knowledgeable and industry-based conversations with your clients, and also gain an insight into the industry from your clients.
  • You will put together a fantastic, impactful, dynamic and engaging presentation/s for meetings.  You will keep this up to date, and develop this over time.  You will possibly need to tweak these for each sector, which can be easily amended and adapted for each client.

Abilities, Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Strong work ethic with a positive outlook and high standards
  • Ability to keep a consistently high level of sales output
  • Excellent communication skills – verbal and written.  
  • A key part of your role is to listen to and understand your client’s needs, and provide specific, targeted and well thought out solutions to match these needs. In order to do this your proposals will be of a high standard and will be well thought out, tailored, and intelligent.
  • Lead by example and set high standards for the rest of the team and will aim to be an inspirational figure as a senior member of the team.
  • You will be professional at all times (i.e. behaviour, appearance etc.) and understand this reflects how you represent your team and company.
  • You will be tenacious and driven, and will always be striving for ways to get in front of clients to pitch our products.
  • You will thrive on ‘leading from the front’, and will see this as an important part of your role.


  • Strong team work ethic
  • Able to demonstrate a positive “can do” approach
  • You will have a strong working relationship with other members of the team and will work together to ensure maximum revenue for the business.
  • You will have meetings / sales / sector / project / plans in place to ensure we are getting vital face time with clients.
  • You will work closely with other members of the sales team, and the wider team, in order to grow share and revenue, and ensure we have the most effective and exciting partnership opportunities for our clients.
  • You will have good working relationships with your team, and will help train all ‘new starters’ when needed.
  • In your role it’s really important to have close, good working relationships with the other departments including content, marketing, and ops teams.

Time Management

  • You must manage your time effectively to ensure that you lead chase, account manage and service call efficiently.
  • You will manage your time effectively to ensure you are selling into all the relevant products and areas of the business applicable to your sectors.  Managing a number of sectors means you will need to plan your time really carefully.
  • When you are away from the office you will ensure that you have put together handover notes for another team member to cover your workload, and you have left detailed notes in order to achieve this.  It is your responsibility that when you request holiday you give your direct line manager sufficient amount of notice (e.g. at least one month out for long holidays), you update your online calendar and share holidays with other team members, and to ensure that your line manager knows everything that needs to be done in your absence.


In order to achieve your commission targets and lead successful projects you are expected to adhere to a number of KPI’s. Whilst we promote a flexible working environment at Centaur and allow people to work in a way that will get the best results from that individual, there are KPI’s set in place that are there to measure your performance and not hinder. These include:

  • Revenue generating; each salesperson will be set targets based on their client splits and projects (this remains your key KPI and we can review if anything as project leads hinders this)
  • Client meetings; we encourage sales people to be out on meetings as often as possible
  • Client servicing/management; maintaining and building new relationships
  • Calls; more calls and less emails, particularly with new clients
  • Sales reporting; updating weekly reports
  • New business generation; every sales person is responsible for generating new leads
  • Contract renewals; making sure we are increasing the levels of year-on-year renewals

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