Digital Marketing Manager

Atom Supplies
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
£40-55K-ish. Benefits available
31 Mar 2017
21 Apr 2017
Experience Level
FMCG, Retail
Contract Type
Full Time

About the role
You job will be to develop a world class digital marketing team which is capable of wringing every last drop of value from every digital channel; from PPC, display, paid social media, and other paid channels; SEO; and email marketing.

You’ll also be required to work collaboratively with our web developers to optimise the customer journey so that we give the customer the experience they deserve and win their long term affections (and conversions).

You’ll be expected to develop detailed reports and summary dashboards to track the ROI of your work, and to develop plans to improve ROI on the back of your analysis.

We are currently a team of one internal digital exec working alongside external agencies. You will be given full flexibility to redesign the team and to reconsider our agency relationships.

The role is based in Tunbridge Wells, but there is scope to work from home for some proportion of your working week.

About you
You’re clever. You’ll prove this in the course of your application by talking about your academic and professional achievements. You’ll also be asked to complete an online test. More importantly though, you’ll prove it by being able to hold your own in a conversation; presenting well considered ideas which you develop through discussion with others.

You’re mathematical in your approach. If you can’t hold your own in a conversation featuring statistical techniques, like t-testing, then I’m afraid you're going to have to hit the books.
You’re technical enough to understand the detail of various API implementations (for example). You won’t be expected to actually do it (we have a dev team for that), but you do need to be able communicate requirements in technical language.

All this digital marketing malarky is much more than a day job to you. You keep your finger on the pulse by reading the Moz blog and other digital marketing blogs not just because you have to, but because you want to. You even contribute to this discussion when you think someone is barking up the wrong tree or you have a valuable point to put forward.

SEO, for example, is considered an art by many, rather than a science, due to the uncertainty that exists in the Google algorithm. You’ll have your own theory about the influence of the myriad things that can be done to influence rankings, and you’ll be able to have a decent conversation about that theory.

You have a CV that demonstrates that you have experience managing teams and agencies. As well as submitting a CV, a cover note will help, as well as links to your social account so that we can stalk you (with the sole intent of seeing which digital marketing conversations you’re part of, of course!).

The process
All this is a lot to ask, and we only want to go through this process once, so we’re going to make for damn sure we get someone for keepsies. We’ll have a first interview in which we discuss the business and the role and generally sound each other out. Then we’ll have a second interview with a few new faces which will drill into more detail. After that you’ll be put through an assessment centre to see what they have to say about what sort of a person you are and how smart you are (all taken with the appropriate pinch of salt).

To get your foot in the door you’ll need to submit your CV and cover letter. The latter is important, because your CV may tell us whether you have a degree in mathematics, but your letter will explain what you really learned in your degree, or why it’s not important that you don’t have a degree at all. It’s a bit like marketing yourself to us, which you should be good at!

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