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About The University of Law

‘We’re proud of our position as the world’s leading professional law school. We're a new type of institution, focused on teaching and learning law – and committed to increasing student choice, broadening access to the legal profession, and exporting high quality British education to aspiring lawyers across the globe.’

Professor Nigel Savage, President and Provost
As the world’s leading professional law school, it goes without saying that we apply the highest possible educational standards to everything we do. But what really sets us apart from other universities is the guiding principle that the current and future lawyers we teach should only ever learn in a realistic, professional and contemporary context. 

Here are some of the key factors that set us apart:

Innovation in learning design

All of our courses – from our undergraduate law degrees to our market-leading postgraduate courses and professional development programmes – are designed with a unique, varied and innovative learning approach that’s proven to deliver self-reliant lawyers who can compete in the fast-changing world of legal services.

Powerful connections

Our track record of excellence in learning and development has helped us establish worldwide connections with the legal services market. This is why many leading global law firms work exclusively with us to develop their people, and why legal employers of all types want to meet our students. It’s also why law schools and professional bodies around the world choose to enter into strategic alliances with us.

Understanding of the law

The University of Law is an internationally recognised expert in the field of law. Rather than focusing on academic research, our aim is to be thought leaders in the issues that matter to the legal profession and the next generation of practising lawyers.

The most experienced tutors

All of our tutors are qualified solicitors, barristers or judges, and all have extensive practical experience which they are able to pass onto our students. We facilitate this process with high levels of student-to-tutor contact time and small class sizes.

We’ve built our university around these principles and we’re passionate about them, because over the years we’ve proven that they deliver better lawyers – a fact demonstrated by the many law firms who insist their trainees study with us.

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