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About Orri

Orri is the leading provider of day treatment for eating disorders in the UK. Our vision is “Recovery for All”. We exist to provide specialist intensive day treatment for people with eating disorders and to collaborate with experts by experience and partners to enhance accessible and quality treatment throughout the UK, so that individuals, families and communities can thrive. Our strategy The prevalence of people with a serious eating disorder requiring specialist treatment is increasing in the UK and beyond. Founded in July 2018, Orri provides an intensive day treatment programme for people aged 16+ with eating disorders, providing both a cost effective alternative to long-stay hospitalisation as well as the opportunity for earlier intervention. Evidence strongly demonstrates that earlier intervention achieves better patient outcomes. Starting with one centre in central London and a full online service, our ambition is to grow new Orri centres across England, making intensive day treatment a new choice for those suffering with an eating disorder, their families and loved ones, and for those who commission/fund services on their behalf.

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