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  • Secret Marketer: Don’t you hate new-year predictions? No? Good, here are mine

    • 15 Dec 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    At this time of year, you can’t move for articles pontificating about what will happen in the next 12 months. But if you can’t beat them, join them.

  • Secret Marketer: Big data won’t do your job for you

    • 23 Nov 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    There’s no more terrifying phrase in marketing than ‘big data’, but once you start to understand it you realise adoption doesn’t have to be complicated and it won’t replace marketing expertise.

  • Secret Marketer: You can’t complain about a lack of talent if you can’t be bothered to read a CV

    • 2 Oct 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    Finding talent is marketers’ biggest issue, yet they outsource hiring to agencies who don’t understand marketing. The Secret Marketer’s first rule of recruitment is: read every single application.

  • Secret Marketer: Nothing makes you stand out more as a marketer than the willingness to be accountable

    • 7 Sep 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    It’s rare for anyone to want to be held responsible for their actions, but putting your hand up in this situation breeds confidence, changes motivations and makes your performance consistently better.

  • Secret Marketer: Learn from the Olympics and work on your strengths, not your weaknesses

    • 23 Aug 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    Great Britain’s record Olympic gold medal tally shows that success comes from concentrating on what you’re good at and becoming even better, not pushing people to be something they’re not while rewarding excellence with apathy.

  • Secret Marketer: Focus less on having all the answers and more on asking the right questions

    • 25 Jul 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    The secret to uncovering actionable insight is knowing how to ask a sincere, enquiring question – not trying to have preconceived answers to everything.

  • Secret Marketer: Being a good manager is like being a good marketer – you need to know your audience

    • 14 Jul 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    Knowing your audience is key to being a good marketer but it is just as important when it comes to managing your marketing team.

  • Secret Marketer: Brands claim customer experience is a top priority, really they’re just paying it lip service

    • 25 May 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    Brands are just paying lip service to customer experience as requests for call centre staff to improve the service are being met with resistance.

  • Secret Marketer: Something is wrong with marketing’s reputation if even the IT team makes fun of us

    • 5 Apr 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    A new week, a new Secret Marketer. I’m secretly hoping to be just as good as my predecessor. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to match the weekly insights that helped me realise I’m not on my own here.

  • Secret Marketer: A CMO’s ‘Hierarchy of needs’

    • 24 Mar 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    This is an auspicious week, as after four years and 204 columns, this Secret Marketer is going to emulate his heroes, Dr Who, James Bond and the Stig and metamorphose into a new Secret Marketer – this is the last article to be penned by yours truly.

  • Secret Marketer: How to make yourself indispensable in the boardroom

    • 24 Feb 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    Believe it or not this is my 200th column as the Secret Marketer. I certainly don’t know where the past four years have gone, nor how I have managed to come up with 200 different experiences to share with you – such is the diversity of being a client marketer.

  • Secret Marketer: Schools need to keep up with the evolving needs of brand owners

    • 26 Aug 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    As the champagne corks are cleared off front lawns and the tissue boxes replenished, it is perhaps worth analysing the recent A-level results and what they mean for the marketing industry.

  • Secret Marketer: Understand and respect others’ roles, but don’t waste time trying to be them

    • 16 Aug 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    It is a time of great change within my company and it’s a chance for everyone to focus on their strengths and remember why they were selected in the first place.

  • Secret Marketer: A great leader will respect and listen to the experts around them

    • 6 Aug 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    Leadership isn’t just about being confident in your own decisions, but also about trusting your colleagues and allowing them to do the jobs they specialise in.

  • Secret Marketer: Applying for a job is like launching a new campaign in that you first need a plan

    • 6 Jul 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    Your Secret Marketer is moving onwards and either upwards or, if I play my cards badly, outwards. One thing that most client marketers will relate to is that as soon as someone has understood how to do their job, the rug is pulled from under them and a major restructure ensues. And that has happened at ‘Brand Secret’ this week.

  • Kevin Pietersen is proof that being brilliant isn’t always enough

    • 28 May 2015

    Both former politician Ed Balls and former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen have found themselves unwanted in their respective fields, despite having dedicated most of their lives to their careers. Not so long ago, both were the darlings of their industries and no one would have imagined they would fall from favour so quickly.

  • All-day meetings and constant emails… welcome to life at the top of marketing

    • 29 Apr 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    Life at the top of the marketing ladder isn’t all that it seems.

  • Being creative in a long-distance team where direct engagement is vital isn’t easy

    • 22 Apr 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    In a world where flexibility of working is encouraged, we need to remember that marketing is still a people business and creativity demands direct engagement.

  • If we don’t ensure personal accountability, an entire team can fail

    • 7 Apr 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    It is the time of the year when many businesses look at their financial performance over the past 12 months and decide whether to pay bonuses.

  • Secret marketer: Let’s smash the glass corridors that stop people from furthering their skill set

    • 4 Feb 2015
    • Secret Marketer

    We are all used to the term ‘glass ceiling’ – an invisible but real barrier through which the next stage or level of career advancement can be seen but cannot be reached by a section of qualified and deserving employees.