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  • FMCG crowned the best paid sector for marketers

    • 21 Jan 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    FMCG emerges as the highest paying sector for marketers, according to Marketing Week’s 2020 Career and Salary Survey, with education, construction and the charity sector bringing up the rear.

  • Overwhelmingly white, middle class and male: 5 killer stats from Salary Survey 2020

    • 13 Jan 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    From the stark lack of ethnic diversity to the persistent gender imbalance in senior roles and marketing’s London-centric bias, here are the killer stats from the Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey 2020.

  • Women held back by marketing’s gender pay gap

    • 22 Jan 2020
    • Charlotte Rogers

    The 2020 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey reveals a persistent gender pay gap impacting female marketers’ ability to earn at a equal level to men, particularly at the highest levels of seniority.

  • Revealed: Marketing’s diversity problem

    • 13 Jan 2020
    • Marketing Week Reporters