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  • Russell Parsons: Brands should adapt to counter the talent shortage in marketing

    • 22 Jul 2015
    • Russell Parsons

    There is a sense of underlying unease in marketing. It’s not lack of confidence in the economic prospects of UK plc, it’s more fundamental: a looming talent shortage.

  • Mark Ritson: 7 essential lessons all new marketers need to know

    • 14 Jul 2015
    • Mark Ritson

    I was cajoled into talking to a bunch of up-and-coming marketers last week at a company I work for. It’s not something I normally do. They probably know more than me already and if they don’t, why give them all my knowledge, especially for free?

  • P&G, Avis and O2 marketers on getting the most out of reverse mentoring

    • 9 Jul 2015
    • Lucy Tesseras

    Marketers at both ends of their career share how to get the most from being a mentor and a mentee.

  • Microsoft UK CMO: ‘Marketers are misunderstood and undervalued – it’s time to set that right’

    • 2 Jul 2015
    • Philippa Snare

    My route to CMO is less conventional than most. Before stepping up to a marketing role, I worked in the transactional world of sales and before that business development.

  • Five tips on how to advance your career in marketing

    • 28 Apr 2015
    • Lucy Tesseras

    The Marketing Academy’s Sherilyn Shackell shares five lessons that every marketer should learn in order to better their career.

  • How training on the job is evolving

    • 1 Apr 2015
    • Jonathan Bacon

    In the UK, on-the-job training and in-house development programmes are the most common methods of training, but the growth of digital media has meant marketers want ‘smarter training’ that blends social media, mobile and e-learning.