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  • Ed Pilkington: Specialists, not brand managers, are the future of marketing

    • 10 Apr 2017
    • Ed Pilkington

    Brands need in-house expertise to keep pace with rapidly changing fields such as media, data and technology. The solution isn’t more brand managers but specialists with deep knowledge, says Diageo’s European marketing and innovation director, Ed Pilkington.

  • Curious, accountable and collaborative: The key characteristics a marketer must possess

    • 23 Mar 2017
    • Marketing Week

    Marketing Week caught up with three top marketers at Marketing Week Live to discuss what the marketing team of the future will look like.

  • Helen Tupper: How to make time for mindfulness at work

    • 20 Mar 2017
    • Helen Tupper

    In our mega-busy lives it can be difficult to switch off and have some quiet time but by taking a series of mindful actions you can find your inner peace and be more effective at work.

  • Thomas Barta: Marketing jargon is a major career killer

    • 23 Jan 2017
    • Thomas Barta

    Marketers need to do a better job at marketing the value of marketing to the rest of their business. First step? Lose the jargon, says Thomas Barta, marketing leadership expert and co-author of leadership book ‘The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader’.

  • Helen Tupper: Don’t chase high salaries – a good fit is what creates happiness

    • 19 Jan 2017
    • Helen Tupper

    Money is important but job satisfaction is about far more than financial remuneration, says Helen Tupper, marketing director at Microsoft DX.

  • Secret Marketer: Marketing as a series of tools and methodologies is the platform for long-term success

    • 16 Jan 2017
    • Secret Marketer

    Marketers should consider using a process-based methodology when it comes to building brands, rather than focusing on storytelling and being creative.

  • Don’t lose sight of the basics in the rush to embrace change

    • 16 Jan 2017
    • Russell Parsons

    A new year brings with it the promise of starting afresh, but while it is a time to explore new opportunities marketers shouldn’t forget the basics.

  • Being brave is key to success in 2017

    • 12 Jan 2017
    • Gemma Greaves

    If there’s one thing I know, to keep all plates spinning in an ever-changing world, we have to be brave, says Gemma Greaves, CEO of The Marketing Society.

  • Marketers should see AI as an opportunity not a threat to their job

    • 11 Jan 2017
    • Mindi Chahal

    The rise of artificial intelligence poses a threat to marketers’ roles as we know them today, but rather than be wiped out entirely those that act now will discover unexplored opportunities.

  • Ritson: Who hurts marketing more, Gary Vaynerchuk or out-of-touch professors?

    • 7 Dec 2016
    • Mark Ritson

    Marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk’s dismissal of universities shows he’s hopelessly ignorant about strategy, yet he’s right that professors have become detached from reality.

  • The challenge of returning to work and establishing yourself in a new job

    • 7 Dec 2016
    • Jonathan Earle

    Starting a new job with a new employer for the first time in more than 10 years is a daunting prospect. Returning to employment after six months makes the challenge even harder. Here’s what you can do to make your first 100 days easier.

  • Matching corporate marketers to startup businesses

    • 25 Nov 2016
    • Jonathan Bacon

    Startups are keen to hire marketers with a corporate background in order to get big business experience, but brands need to ensure they find the right fit for their company.

  • Secret Marketer: Big data won’t do your job for you

    • 23 Nov 2016
    • Secret Marketer

    There’s no more terrifying phrase in marketing than ‘big data’, but once you start to understand it you realise adoption doesn’t have to be complicated and it won’t replace marketing expertise.

  • Russell Parsons: Prepare for zero-bullshit pitching

    • 22 Nov 2016
    • Russell Parsons

    Zero-based budgeting will become more commonplace post-Brexit and with it will come the rise of ‘zero-bullshit pitching’ as marketers are urged to get to get back to basics.

  • Richard Robinson: Marketing needs 24/7 capability

    • 14 Nov 2016
    • Richard Robinson

    Consumers can now shop all 168 hours of the week but marketers only work for 37.5, so marketing leaders need to take charge of keeping their teams’ capabilities constantly switched on.

  • Secret Marketer: Our biases cause us to be bad marketers

    • 9 Nov 2016

    To be good at our jobs, we marketers need to be conscious of our own biases and actively seek alternative perspectives, otherwise we just try to confirm our own prejudices.

  • The people that drive disruptive brands

    • 31 Oct 2016
    • Leonie Roderick

    In the third of a six-part series in partnership with Salesforce, we talk to executives from six disruptive brands about what type of talent make disruptive brands tick.

  • Q&A Debbie Clare, Head of Marketing at AEC

    • 24 Oct 2016
    • Marketing Week

    AEC are a leading independent health, safety, environmental and risk management consultant operating worldwide.

  • Helen Tupper: ‘Before changing jobs follow these three rules’

    • 24 Oct 2016
    • Helen Tupper

    Helen Tupper, director of careers specialist Amazing If and former head of marketing at Virgin Red, outlines the three things people should ask themselves before looking to move job.

  • Ed Pilkington: Data is good but culture is key

    • 13 Oct 2016
    • Ed Pilkington

    Ed Pilkington, Diageo marketing and innovation director, Western Europe, on why it’s more important than ever for marketers to tap into culture.