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  • The MW Mini MBA in Marketing programme is back in 2017

    • 27 Apr 2016
    • Sarah Vizard

    Marketing Week returns with its MW Mini MBA in Marketing delivered by award-winning columnist and Professor Mark Ritson.

  • Marketing leaders urged to have ‘more emotional conversations’ about workplace stress

    • 21 Apr 2016
    • Jonathan Bacon

    As stress levels in the profession continue to soar, marketing leaders need to pay closer attention to the emotional needs of their teams, a panel at Advertising Week Europe has warned.

  • Sky’s top marketer Stephen van Rooyen takes on broader role as UK and Ireland CEO

    • 24 Mar 2016
    • Leonie Roderick

    Sky has promoted its chief marketing and digital officer Stephen van Rooyen to role of chief executive for the UK and Ireland following a number of internal management changes.

  • EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall on how marketers can soar

    • 9 Mar 2016
    • Leonie Roderick

    When it comes to climbing the career ladder and gaining a coveted place at the boardroom table, easyJet’s CEO Carolyn McCall believes marketers are “fantastically” placed to do so. But to become a senior leader, confidence is key.

  • Mark Ritson: The only way to win a sales force’s respect is to help them make more sales

    • 8 Mar 2016
    • Mark Ritson

    Your humble columnist has been given a new mission by one of his oldest clients – to work with the sales force. After much deliberation, he is starting to enjoy himself.

  • How to sell yourself on LinkedIn

    • 21 Jan 2016
    • Michael Barnett

    As LinkedIn hits 20 million members, data from the network reveals the most overused buzzwords and commonly claimed skills on marketers’ profiles.

  • ‘Lack of diversity means marketing no longer a destination industry’

    • 20 Jan 2016
    • Sarah Vizard

    Marketing is no longer a ‘destination industry’ for young people and must do more to attract people from diverse backgrounds if it wants to ensure it has the best talent and is reflecting British society, according to a panel of experts.

  • Marketing Academy opens nominations for 2016 Scholarship programme

    • 10 Dec 2015
    • Sarah Vizard

    The Marketing Academy is asking for nominations for its 2016 Scholarship programme, a year-long scheme that aims to give the marketing industry’s rising stars the skills to become leaders in the future.

  • Project Everyone’s Amanda Mackenzie on the world’s biggest marketing job

    • 9 Dec 2015
    • Leonie Roderick

    It has been one year since Aviva CMO Amanda Mackenzie joined Richard Curtis’s Project Everyone in a bid to change the world for the better. She tells Marketing Week what working towards the UN’s global development goals means to her.

  • How to find creative marketing talent

    • 20 Oct 2015
    • Jonathan Bacon

    We look at how to identify the right people and create the conditions for them to thrive.

  • How does marketing fare in terms of work/life balance?

    • 19 Oct 2015
    • Sarah Vizard

    Feeling overworked and like you don’t have a good work/life balance? As a marketer you should not be, according to the latest figures from Glassdoor which suggest marketing execs and managers have among the best work/life balance of any job.

  • The Post Office’s Pete Markey on why it’s never too early to start acting like a CMO

    • 18 Oct 2015
    • Sarah Vizard

    The Post Office CMO Pete Markey encourages every marketer, no matter their level, to take control of their career and plot their own development plan if they have ambitions to take on the top role.

  • Marketers increasingly hiring returning mothers

    • 18 Oct 2015
    • Leonie Roderick

    The marketing industry is more likely to welcome back mothers into the work place than other sectors such as finance and manufacturing, a new study suggests.

  • Ashley Friedlein: Are chief customer officers a passing fad or the future?

    • 6 Oct 2015
    • Ashley Friedlein

    The chief customer officer (CCO) has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in the past two years.

  • ‘Marketers must do more to overcome capability gap caused by shortage of specialist skills’

    • 23 Sep 2015
    • Sarah Vizard

    Marketers increasingly recognise that a skills shortage, particularly in more specialist areas, is a big issue but the vast majority are failing to do anything about it, according to new research.

  • Are marketers’ jobs at risk as robots take over?

    • 13 Sep 2015
    • Sarah Vizard

    Marketing director is one of the least likely jobs to be replaced by robots, according to new research.

  • The Marketing Society’s new Fellows on how marketing leaders of tomorrow will succeed

    • 25 Aug 2015
    • Alison Millington

    Marketing leaders of tomorrow will have to be more agile and have broader experience to adapt to changing technologies and consumer behaviours, according to top CMOs speaking as they were honoured with Fellowships from The Marketing Society.

  • Marketers risk burnout as stress levels rise

    • 24 Aug 2015
    • Sarah Vizard

    Marketers risk burning out in the face of “excessive workloads”, increasing overtime and inflexible working hours, according to two new reports.

  • Marketers on the hunt for new jobs

    • 20 Jul 2015
    • Alison Millington

    The number of candidates seeking marketing jobs in London is up by 39% year on year according to the Robert Walters City Jobs Index despite the fact that marketers’ confidence in the industry is suffering.

  • Marketing industry the worst at offering training

    • 17 Jun 2015
    • Sarah Vizard

    CMOs need to take over responsibility for training their marketing teams, according to industry experts, after research finds that the marketing industry is the worst at offering career development.