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Published on: 2 Mar 2017


Post Office

Post office

Marketing Week questions – Careers insight

Louise Fowler is the Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at the Post Office and is tasked with leading the strategic repositioning of the brand, developing new customer propositions, especially through digital channels and the delivery of improved Marketing and Digital capability to drive profitability and the creation of a sustainable, viable business with a strong social purpose. Louise’s background spans a number of retailers including Co-Op, Barclays and British Airways.

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Louise Fowler

MW: What attracted you to come and work at the Post Office?

LF: I have always been interested in brands with a purpose or values over and above pure profitability.  The Post Office is a wonderful institution and it is going through enormous transformation and modernisation to ensure it is a truly commercial, digital business that can also protect its branch network and offer services in local communities for the good of everyone. It’s great to be a part of that.

MW: What is unique about working in the Marketing team at the Post Office?

LF: These days, it’s a complex business – it’s not just about buying stamps any more.  As well as a market-leading travel money proposition, the Post Office can help customers with all sorts other financial needs; you can do your banking with us, make savings, take out mortgages and insurance, we have a fantastic telecoms offer, and offer a whole range of government services like passport check.  Helping customers navigate across that wide proposition digitally and in our 11,500 strong branch network is quite a stimulating challenge.

MW: How are things changing within the Marketing team at the Post Office?

LF: Like all businesses with a heritage, we are having to work out how to integrate the new, digitally connected world into a more traditional business model and the largest network of retail outlets in the UK.  Staying true to our values and our role in communities, whilst at the same time modernising and ensuring we are available to customers however they want to engage with us is a key priority.  Integrating digital and traditional techniques, understanding our customers better and working closely with our partners are themes driving a much more commercial, customer-centred approach.

MW: How do you see Marketing developing within the Post Office over the next few years?

LF: We have to keep being ever more customer-focused, nimble and able efficiently and effectively to create cross-channel customer journeys that help everyone access the Post Office, wherever in the UK they are and however they like to do business with us.  We will never be able to out-spend some of our competitors, so we have to out-think them.  That’s the fun bit.

Post office

MW: Why should marketing professionals be considering a career within the Post Office?

LF: There is a real buzz and energy to change going on here.  It’s a fantastic and well-loved brand with a relatively small team looking to do some great things, which means there is a real opportunity to make a big difference pretty quickly. The board and senior leadership are totally up for the change too, which always helps.

MW: What career progression opportunities do you offer within the marketing team at the Post Office?

LF: It depends what people are looking for:  roles are always posted internally, so there’s an opportunity to grow and broaden your career from within.  For marketing and digital professionals who want to stay in that realm, of course there are promotion opportunities when people move on.  For me, though, it’s such a great brand to have on your CV I think it would stand anyone in good stead whatever you choose to do next.

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Post Office

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