Pay gap between men and women narrows

Written by: Lucy Tesseras
Published on: 23 Jan 2015

Salary Survey

The bad news, however, is that men still get paid 21% more than women on average. That’s the equivalent to an additional £8,416 per year, with the average salary for male marketers across all levels now £47,569 – 15% lower than in 2014, while the average pay for women remains flat at £39,153.

The research shows that there is set to be more movement within the industry in 2015 as the economy continues to recover, with pay consistently cited as the main reason people begin searching for a new job.

Almost two thirds (60%) of marketers reckon staffing levels at their company will increase in 2015, while 37% noted a rise last year.

This correlates, although to a lesser degree, with a separate study by recruitment firm EMR. It suggests that 44% of marketers anticipate a rise in numbers thanks to improved profitability at their business.

A further study by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters predicts that marketing salaries could increase by up to 20% this year as a result of a more buoyant job market.

However, considering the average salary for a marketing director or head of marketing remained relatively static at £70,215, according to Marketing Week’s study, this would be a considerable jump.

These findings are more in line with recruiter Reed’s analysis of the market, which suggests that the average marketing director salary is down £7,550 to £75,802.