Advice on visionary leadership from this year’s Vision 100

Written by: Marketing Week
Published on: 28 Apr 2016

Advice on

Six of this year’s Vision 100 share leadership tips and the advice that has helped them get to where they are today.

“I firmly believe in leadership at every level, encouraging people to think for themselves, treat every penny like it is their own and take real accountability for the decisions that they take and recommend.

Driving this accountability and ownership is the biggest challenge we have as leaders.”

Helen Warren-Piper marketing director, grocery, Premier Foods

“By doing things differently and believing in something [the same people can] drive a very different performance.”

Lysa Hardy, chief commercial officer, Holland & Barrett

“I’m creating a new model where we will become content IP owners and generate revenue from our investments. It is a new model for us and for the industry and has required a whole new way of thinking.”

Laura Henderson head of content and media monetisation, Mondelēz international

“Fail fast, learn and iterate. The best way to drive meaningful business growth is to ensure your approach never gets stale, so it’s a piece of advice I actively put into place every day. It’s important to have the right people leading and driving the business forward that are both highly skilled and a strong cultural fit.”

Rachael Pettit marketing lead, UK & Ireland, Uber

“Instinct is a powerful tool and nobody knows a brand better than the people who manage it day in, day out.”

Kevin Sinfield head of brand marketing, Taylors of Harrogate

“Entrepreneurs and founders are optimists. I love that quality. When I worked at Northern & Shell, Richard Desmond was a powerhouse. He was incredibly mentally resilient as well five steps ahead of the rest of the room intellectually. But, even more than that, his standout quality was optimism. He never gave up on an idea and he didn’t let you give up on an idea either. That environment forced me to realise how much more becomes possible when you set the bar at ‘impossible’.”

Mimi Turner marketing director, The LAD Bible